Consulting and Design for Dust Collection Systems

Consulting and Design for Dust Collection Systems

  • 3D Duct Design and layout, design packages for turnkey systems
  • System Installations, upgrades, expansions of dust collection systems
  • Site Inspection, Troubleshooting and OSHA Compliance Assistance
  • Upgrading Systems for compliance with NFPA and OSHA
  • Service contracts to reduce costs for maintaining systems
  • OSHA Silica dust compliance
Fume Extraction System for Injection Molding facility - 3D Design Drawing
3D Design Drawing of fume extraction system for a large injection molding facility

Example: Designing a fume extraction System for Injection Molding Operation

A medical device manufacturer with a large injection molding department needed a customized fume extraction system. The three most important needs were: a system that would effectively draw fumes away from the operators, keep the facility free of fumes, and not get in the way. Gulftech worked with the client to develop a design that met these requirements. Starting with a 3D design concept drawing offered an excellent way to communicate and determine the best options.

We will build a 3D design of your system and work with you on the best solution that fits your building, your budget and your timeline! Ask about our design packages, partially refundable with purchase of a system.

Consulting for Dust Collection Systems

Many of our clients are either upgrading their facility with new equipment, or looking at ways to optimize the equipment they have. Who doesn’t like to do more with less? A majority of dust collection and air filtration systems in operation are no longer compliant with current fire and safety codes for combustible dust. Still more systems suffer from worn out components and parts that keep them from operating at the level necessary for a clean facility. We will design the dust collection system that is right for you.

Existing Equipment: A consulting visit or discussion with Gulftech assesses your existing system and reviews troubleshooting, performance analysis, and safety compliance. Based on the reason for the assessment, we will offer a report with findings and recommendations. Based on the need and complexity of repair or retrofit, Gulftech can provide the necessary parts, repairs, or upgrades. https://www.gulftech.us/dust-collection-assessment/

Dust Collector Site Troubleshooting and Assessment
Dust Collector Troubleshooting and Assessment

New Equipment: If you are upgrading a new or existing facility and need new or more capable equipment, Gulftech works with you to design a system that fits in to an existing design. We also work with architect and engineering firms to design-build new systems for a complete design package. https://www.gulftech.us/stainless-steel-dust-collection/

Click here to request information about how Gulftech can help you with your dust collection needs.

Installation of Large Brazing Fume Extraction System

Installation of Large Brazing Fume Extraction System

Gulftech Casiba was asked to design and install a large brazing fume extraction system for a major manufacturer for their Florida Brazing Facility.
The new facility would be generating large amounts of brazing smoke from a number of workstations.
Our designers worked with the customer’s engineers to design a system that would effectively clean the air while staying out of the way of the production lines.

Ceiling Mounted Fume Extraction System

Ceiling Mounted Fume Extraction System

The design called for a series of ceiling mounted fume extraction systems with custom fume hoods connected to a central fume extractor.
A combination of fume hoods and extraction arms accommodated the worker’s specific requirements.

The installation team spent many hours installing the hanging extraction systems. Working around other ongoing installation projects is always a challenge, but they successfully connected the duct-work system and adjusted the custom hoods and extraction arms over each workstation. Once the system was installed, startup certification, operation familiarization and maintenance training completed the project.

The customer is happy with the operation of the fume extraction system and performance and the employees are happy with air quality in their workplace.

Installation – Triangle Manufacturing in Mahwah, NJ

Installation – Triangle Manufacturing in Mahwah, NJ

From small beginnings in a Rochelle Park garage more than 60 years ago, Triangle Manufacturing has grown into a 250-employee business occupying 107,000 square feet in Upper Saddle River, NJ. Partnering with global OEMs.

blankThe Problem

Triangle’s machining process generates approximately 62,500 gallons per year of waste machine coolant, air compressor condensate, floor scrubber water and parts washing water and rinse. With a hauling cost of $0.90/gallon, they were spending more than $56,000 a year! In an effort to be as “Green” as possible and to lower costs, Triangle has a mandate to reduce the amount of waste coolant leaving the plant.






blankThe Solution

To meet the needs of operating multiple facilities on their campus and with an eye on future growth, two 35 gph Evaporators were installed. They are designed to “run dry” which means all the water evaporates leaving only oil, solids and some concentrated coolant chemicals.





The Results 

With our evaporators installed, Triangle is now reaping the benefits. Set on auto-fill, the waste coolant feed tanks are continually refilled until each has processed 2,000 to 2,500 gallons of waste. At this point, the operator turns off the auto-fill and starts the process of running the evaporator dry.


The Savings

Triangle is making the world a better place now and for future generations with their streamlined, greener methods of manufacturing. In addition, the cost of evaporating the water at $0.08/gallon versus paying a hauler to take it away is resulting in a saving of $51,000 per year. It is a win-win solution!