Dust Collector Fire Damage Assessment and Replacement

Case Study: Dust Collector Fire Damage Assessment and Replacement

Fire Damaged Dust Collector

Situation: A customer experienced a fire in their dust collector resulting in the system being destroyed. Gulftech was brought in to assess the damage and provide options for replacing the system.

Assessment: Working with the customer and their insurance company, Gulftech determined that due to space constraints, replacing the system with an exact duplicate was the simplest option. The manufacturer was able to find the original drawings of the unit and provided a “plug-and-play” system that fit precisely into the limited space available for the unit. 

Replacement Dust Collector

Result: Gulftech provided expertise and labor to remove the fire damaged dust collector and install the new system. The customer was extremely happy with the result of the project, as it allowed them to get back up and running quickly.

Repair or Replacement? Making the right Choice?

In the event of a fire resulting from material collected in the dust collector hopper, the damage may be contained if the fire does not spread through the duct or surrounding materials. An initial inspection may indicate that the damage was contained quickly enough that your equipment can be returned to operation with only minor repairs. We recommend having a trained technician with experience in dust collector damage assessments take a closer look.

Equipment Repair vs. Replacement Options

When considering repair/replacement options, be sure to inspect the fan blower or impeller and all electrical components for damage. While some components may appear to have escaped damage, electrical wiring and other sensitive components may sustain damage that must be addressed. Pulse cleaning valves, gauges and other sensors may be damaged, be sure to inspect them carefully. Inspect connecting duct for heat warping or damage that might prevent a good seal. Inspect silencers or other after-filter components to sure they are still functional.

Safety Components: Many dust collectors installed prior to recent changes in fire code may no longer be compliant with current safety regulations. Gulftech will assist in identifying what areas of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) code apply to your dust collector, and recommend the safety equipment to make your system safe and compliant. Fire and explosion safety components include Explosion Vent Panels, Fire Suppression Systems, Explosion Isolation Valves and other features that Suppress, Isolate and minimize the risk and spread of fires and explosions that occur in facilities producing combustible dust.

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Ducted Air Cleaners

Ducted Air Cleaner for Wet & Dry Grinding
in Metal Fab Shop

Ducted air cleaner
Air Cleaner Ducting

A metal fabrication shop was in need of a dust collection system for a number of grinders.

The Requirement: Design a system that could capture dust from a number of small grinders, as well as dust and mist from a large Blanchard Grinder. Due to a lot of machines in a small space, the customer asked that we come up with a solution that had a small footprint.

The Solution: Gulftech designed a ducted ceiling mounted dust collection system with a separate module for the wet process and one for the dry process. The ceiling mounted solution ensured a small footprint and the least amount of ductwork to reach each workstation. The Blanchard grinder required a custom, hanging hood with a swing-arm so that large parts could be set onto the grinder and then the mist capture hood would swing back in place to capture the mist. The hood was equipped with vinyl strip curtains to control and contain the mist thrown up by the large grinding wheel.

The Result: The customer had an effective dust collection system with a small footprint that reduced the nuisance dust in the plant, creating a cleaner workspace!

Ducted Air Cleaner for High Speed CNC Smoke in Precision Metal Fabrication

The Requirement: A precision metal parts manufacturer with several CNC machines was facing an issue with smoke produced from the high speed CNC machining process. They needed a solution with a minimal footprint capable of handling large amounts of smoke.

Ceiling Mounted Air Cleaner

The Solution: Gulftech designed a ducted air cleaner mounted from the ceiling for capturing the heavy smoke from the high speed CNC process. Due to the volume of smoke produced and the high speed coolant spray, Gulftech installed mist recyclers on each machine to reduce the amount of coolant pulled in the air cleaner from the machine. The mist recycler had the added benefit of increasing filter life of the air cleaners as well. The ducted air cleaner offered a 3-stage filtration system with HEPA final filter to capture the super fine smoke particles.

The Result: The new air cleaners captured 99.95% of the  smoke produced by the high speed CNC machines, resulting in a much cleaner facility for the employees.

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