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Ultimate Solution for Welding Training

With its powerful capture velocity and edge-to-edge backdraft inlet, the Filter 1 Weldtron 2000 effectively removes welding smoke and fume, providing protection and comfort for students and instructors in the training lab. In addition, the Weldtron 2000 features user-friendly operation, safety, space economy, and outstanding energy efficiency.

Designed for Safety: Protecting the Student’s Well-Being

The back-draft workstation removes fumes from the student’s breathing zone with a generous air flow of 2000 CFM. The state-of-the-art filters are designed to last an entire school year without loss of airflow or servicing to insure worry-free capture and filtration of the hazardous fume produced by welding.

WS Weld Station

Other special safety features include:

  • Shielded sides to prevent eye-damaging flash or showers of sparks that could otherwise injure fellow students.
  • Insulated table: the work surface of the Weldtron is rubber-mounted for insulating against any extraneous welding currents and protecting against damage to the unit.
  • Ground fault plugs for electric hand tools or extra lighting.

Designed for Ease: Maximizing the Lab Set-Up

The Weldtron is designed to optimize comfort and effectiveness of the training process, easily adapting to the requirements of the classroom, the students, and the welding tasks:

  • Ergonomics: The Weldtron’s table easily adjusts in height to accommodate not only different heights of students but also variations in the size of work pieces used in the teaching process. To provide proper lighting to every student, each self-contained Weldron is lit from both sides to eliminate shadows on the workpiece. The very low fan noise is extra important in the classroom where the student needs to hear instructions clearly.
  • Space Considerations: The compact Weldtron is designed to be easily and compactly arranged or re-arranged as needed in any training facility. Each self-contained table has a footprint of only three feet by four feet, the height is just 8 feet, and all service points are in the front and top, allowing multiple Weldtrons to be placed side by side and back to back as desired.
  • “Plug-and-Play”: With no need to backflush filters, there’s no need for compressed air, and only 120 volt power is required for both the one horsepower motor as well as the built-in duplex receptacles.

Designed for Economy: Controlling the Costs

Engineered with an eye to cost effectiveness, the Weldtron makes the weld training budget go a long way in both capital equipment and ongoing operation. The unit cost is lower, the installation cost is much lower and even the operating cost is significantly lower due to energy efficiency:

  • Streamlined Design & Installation: Because of the Weldtron’s modular, self-contained and compact design, there’s no need of initial layout for highly customized building space in new schools or training centers since work stations can easily be added in a growing program, or units can be re-arranged or removed to serve the needs of the specific teaching institution. Furthermore, units can be added to almost any existing facility without the costly installation contract associated with the type tables that require compressed air, increased lighting or three phase power distribution.
  • Low Operating Costs: The key to its cost control is the Weldtron’s panel filter system with its low pressure and high dust capacity. The filters are designed to collect the fume from 600 pounds of wire or 800 flux coated welding rods before needing to be replaced. This high dust loading is accomplished due to the very low air flow through each filter, eliminating the requirement for compressed air and three-phase power.
  • Exceptional Energy Efficiency: Through the use of a high-efficiency, backward-inclined fan wheel, the Weldtron produces 2000 CFM of airflow, while using only one horsepower of energy! The compact florescent lights require only 52 total watts of power, yet produce the equivalent of 200 watts of incandescent light. Due to the self-contained configuration of the Weldtron, system efficiency is maximized because energy is consumed only by the units in use, adding yet another big energy savings by adapting amount of energy used to variation in size of welding classes.

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