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Air Pollution Control Solutions from Gulftech Enterprises Help Ensure EPA Compliance While Optimizing Your Operations

Gultech Enterprises proudly offers the United Air Specialists product line which offers comprehensive air pollution control systems to help ensure compliance with the new EPA Metal Fabrication Hazardous Air Pollutants (MFHAP) standard that became effective in July 2011. The new regulation is intended to control indoor pollutants before they can become outdoor emissions so controlling airborne pollutants such as weld fume or grinding dust just became much more important for fabrication facilities across the United States. It is now necessary to have improved processes and housekeeping that will minimize or eliminate fugitive emissions with required monitoring since it is no longer acceptable to exhaust or use natural ventilation as a means of controlling indoor air pollution according to this new regulation.

It is critical for facility managers to evaluate how their company might be impacted by the new regulation and understand what they can do to ensure compliance. Compliance presents a unique opportunity for fabricators to not only improve worker safety but to also reduce operational expenses with a well-designed air pollution control system from UAS.

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Case Study: Tampa Bay Area Machine Shop Solves Dust Problem with New Dust Collector

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AerProAir by Gulftech Enterprises Announces Partnership with Austin Air Air Purifiers

AerProAir is proud to announce its new partnership with Austin Air as a dealer of Austin Air Home and Commercial Air Purification Systems.

Austin Air is the original maker of high-end filtration systems and has the largest air cleaner manufacturing facility in the world, at 480,000 square feet. The company is proud to manufacture everything in-house, from filter to metal forming and final product paint.

Austin Air’s superior Healthmate is now the air cleaner of choice by physicians and specialists both nationwide and abroad. In fact, this very minute, Austin Air purifiers are hard at work cleaning homes, offices and industrial complexes around the globe.

Please visit their website at http://aerproair.com/?page_id=196

Paint Booths


Gulftech offers Col-Met Spray Booths for paint booths, spray booths, truck booths, automotive booths, finishing booths, finishing systems, powder booths, air makeup units, mixing rooms, waterborne systems, batch ovens and accessories for industrial, automotive, wood finishing and other applications.

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