Solvent, Liquid and Wastewater Management Systems Solutions for coolant filtration, wastewater treatment, and solvent recycling

Reduce your wastewater treatment and disposal costs with a recycling system from Gulftech. we offer filtration and evaporation systems for wastewater that can reduce your operating and disposal costs by up to 95%. Our solvent recycling systems can reduce your solvent wasted by 80-95% and allow you to re-use those expensive solvents.

A customer was paying thousands of dollars a month to dispose of wastewater from a cleaning process. With our wastewater evaporator system the customer is able to save thousands with an ROI in less than 3 years.

Contact us today for estimates on wastewater or solvent  recycling systems. We also offer free lab testing on your waste product to provide an actual example of how much you can reduce your waste!

Coolant Filtration Systems for CNC oil based coolants and water based coolants.

Water Evaportation Systems for Wastewater, from 8 gallons to 180 gallons an hour

Solvent Recycling Systems for recovering dirty solvents from paint solvents, to printing and other solvent types

Solvent Recycling Systems

Liquid Recycling



GulfTech represents the best companies and with over 25 years of experience, we find the best product for your application.

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Paint Booths Packages

Paint booths and finishing booths for painting and preparation, for trucks and automotive booths, finishing systems, powder booths, air makeup units, mixing rooms, waterborne systems, batch ovens and accessories for industrial, automotive, wood finishing and other applications.

GulfTech represents the best companies and with over 25 years of experience, we find the best product for your application.

Paint Booths



Paint Mixing Rooms Paint Mixing Room


  • Paint Mix Rooms
  • Environmental Enclosures for Silica dust and dust control
  • Curtain Enclosure Systems

Paint Booth Packages:

  • Fan/Blower Package
  • Standard Duct Package
  • Two Sets of Filters
  • Installation Available

Booth Includes: (Booth must be assembled and hardwired)

  • Fan with Sparkles Aluminum Blade
  • Totally Enclosed Motor 230/460 Volt, 3 Phase
  • Two Sets of 4′ Fluorescent Light Fixture (Class I Div II)
  • Belt Guard
  • Draft Gauge
  • Two Sets of Paint Filters
  • Full set of assembly instruction and hardware
  • Bulbs not included

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Parts Cleaners and Parts Washers

GulfTech offers a wide variety of industrial parts washers and cleaning systems to include: Industrial Parts Cleaners, Parts Washers, Ultrasonics, and Passivation. We serve aerospace manufacturing, medical device manufacturing, parts cleaning for stamping and machining applications with the following:

  • Ultrasonics – From Tabletop to total automated inline systems
  • Aqueous – Belt conveyor, Lean Cellular, Rotary & Vertical Agitation, Vacuum and Hyperbaric
  • Passivation – Single stage to complete automated systems for titanium passivation,
  • Solvent & Vapour – All systems offer virtually “Zero Emission” in sealed environmental safe chambers
  • Cleaning Chemistry – Aqueous to Solvents
  • Electropolishing – Stainless, brass
  • Vacuum Cycle Nucleation (VCN) -VCN provides superior performance in both aqueous and solvent applications.

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Blast Cabinets and systems, Blasting Enclosures

Blast Cabinets, Blast Systems, Blasting Enclosures Automated and semi-automated pneumatic sandblast systems with capabilities customized to your needs – from continuous or intermittent turntable cabinets to computer-controlled machines for unique production processes. Tough, dependable, high-performance surface preparation equipment designed to stand up to the rigors of industrial environments.
We design and manufacture
We also offer micro blasting, surface blasting, media tumbling, vibratory, electro-polishing equipment, and passivation. We offer blast and environmental enclosures for surface preparation and a variety of processes. The best way to protect your plant, workers and improve quality control against nuisance dust is with an enclosure. We will design and install temporary, permanent and semi-permanent enclosures for any type of industrial process.


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