Parts Cleaners and Parts Washers

Parts Cleaners and Parts Washers

GulfTech offers a wide variety of industrial Parts Cleaners and washer systems to include: Industrial Parts Cleaners, Parts Washers, Ultrasonic, and Passivation. We serve aerospace manufacturing, medical device manufacturing, parts cleaning for stamping and machining applications with the following:

  • Ultrasonics – From Tabletop to total automated inline systems
  • Aqueous – Belt conveyor, Lean Cellular, Rotary & Vertical Agitation, Vacuum and Hyperbaric
  • Passivation – Single stage to complete automated systems for titanium passivation,
  • Solvent & Vapour – All systems offer virtually “Zero Emission” in sealed environmental safe chambers
  • Cleaning Chemistry – Aqueous to Solvents
  • Electropolishing – Stainless, brass
  • Vacuum Cycle Nucleation (VCN) -VCN provides superior performance in both aqueous and solvent applications.

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Surface Preparation

Surface Preparation, Blast Cabinets and Systems, and Blasting Enclosures

Blast Cabinets, Blast Systems, Blasting Enclosures Automated and semi-automated pneumatic sandblast systems with capabilities customized to your needs – from continuous or intermittent turntable cabinets to computer-controlled machines for unique production processes. Tough, dependable, high-performance surface preparation equipment designed to stand up to the rigors of industrial environments. We design and manufacture. We also offer micro blasting, surface blasting, media tumbling, vibratory, electro-polishing equipment, and passivization. We offer blast and environmental enclosures for surface preparation and a variety of processes. The best way to protect your plant, workers and improve quality control against nuisance dust is with an enclosure. We will design and install temporary, permanent and semi-permanent enclosures for any type of industrial process.


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Air Filtration Systems

Industrial Air Filtration Systems

GulfTech is a full-service provider of Industrial Air Filtration Systems, Dust Collectors, Air Cleaners, Vehicle Exhaust Removal Systems and Energy Controls for Ventilation. We also offer a full line of replacement parts including filters for all brands and applications.
We offer wet (scrubber) and dry dust containment booths and downdraft tables, robotic welding hoods, ambient cleaning/collection systems for open areas and countless sizes and lengths of extraction arms.

GulfTech sells, services and installs dust collectors, air cleaners, and mist collectors along with cyclone separators and baghouses.
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We represent the best companies and with over 25 years of experience, we find the best product for your application.


industrial air cleaners pdf

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Air Filters

Replacement Air Filters

Industrial grade panel filters, galvanized, aluminum or stainless steel frames, MERV 11 to MERV 15 and HEPA filter efficiencies, Replacement Air Filters for every industry.

We can supply nearly all your industrial air filters, clean room medical filters and dust collector filters. Gulftech  is the exclusive supplier of Casiba Filters in the U.S., with immediate delivery from our warehouse in Clearwater, FL. We can cross reference thousands of brand name filters and provide high quality, industrial grade replacement filters for nearly any dust collector or air filtration system.

Industrial grade panel filters: galvanized, aluminum or stainless steel frames available, filter efficiencies from MERV 11 to HEPA
Industrial washable filters
Activated carbon filters, refillable carbon options
Carbon media, activated carbon granules, 25lb quantity to 2,000 lb.
HEPA-Type filters, Deep Pleat and Mini Pleat Medical
HEPA filters, Medical Grade for cleanrooms, fume hoods
High Capacity HEPA and V-Cell filters for the lowest pressure drop and high velocity applications

Bag Filters: 5 pocket, 6 pocket at MERV 11, 14 and 15 efficiency levels, multiple sizes and lengths available

Are you having a hard time finding replacement filters that arrive on time and at a good price?

See our standard CASIBA filter product line here

In addition to the filter selection above, we  design custom filters to your specification: HEPA filters, MERV-rated filters, and more products for industrial, medical, commercial and residential applications.
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