Standard Parts Washers

Gulftech offers several Standard Parts Washers designed specifically for use in Lean Manufacturing Work Cells. These compact energy efficient part cleaners use environmentally safe water based solutions to remove machining oils and stamping lubricants. This process makes these machines ideal for Green Manufacturing compliance.

Automatic, Closed Loop Parts Washer

Front loading rotating basket

Front loading rotating basket industrial parts washer is designed to clean one basket of parts at a time. It is ideal for general parts washing as well as precision cleaning of screw machine or CNC machined parts.

Rotary Drum Washer

Rotary Drum Washer

Our product line includes vertical agitation immersion washers, automotive parts washers, belt conveyor spray washers, ultrasonic degreasers, ultrasonic cleaners and ultrasonic cleaning equipment. Our machines are cleaning parts 24/7 for Florida manufacturers of automotive parts, electronics, metal fabrication, and machining. We work with you to design the right solution. We can assist with laboratory testing of your parts to achieve the necessary results so your cleaning process starts off right the first time.

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