Cyclone Chip Extractor System

High Volume Chip Extraction from Milling and Machining Process

cyclone chip extractor system with 10HP blower and plenum after filter on aluminum chip mill..

Cyclone chip extractor system with 10HP blower and plenum after filter on aluminum chip mill..

A manufacturer of precision aluminum products asked for help with a high volume of aluminum chips from their aluminum mill. Gulftech designed and installed a cyclone chip extractor system to handle the high volume of chips coming from a number of cutting and milling machines. The result was immediate improvement in time spent cleaning up the shop.

Why Cyclone vs. Media Filter?

The cyclone with its after filter system is an excellent solution for high volume, heavy chips and shavings. With few moving parts and heavy duty construction, the cyclone uses cyclonic air turbulence to pull heavy particles out of the air stream. The chips fall into the high volume hopper below and any remaining light chips are captured by the after filter.

Cyclones Are Better Solution for Heavy Particles

Heavy metal chips and shaving can overwhelm standard cartridge or media filter systems. As a result of the excellent performance, customer has been pleased with the performance and low maintenance costs of this system.

Cyclone Options

Cyclones can be designed with a variety of options depending on safety requirements, space restrictions, and material types and volumes.

Rotary Airlock

This chip extractor system includes a Rotary Airlock over the hopper to manage the flow of the material. The airlock rotates between 28-45 RPM, using a rubber paddle wheel system for slowly releasing the chips into the hopper. Airlocks prevent chips and dust from flying into the hopper at high speeds and possibly spreading into the air or on the ground. Lighter material benefits from the Rotary Airlock, as do high volume of materials. Leg extensions may be required to raise the cyclone high enough to handle the additional height of the Rotary Airlock.

After Filter

Fabric After filters offer a lower cost method of capturing light dust and material out of the discharge from the cyclone. The bag filters are fastened to a standard 55 gallon drum. the number and size of after filters required will depend on the CFM of the unit. After filters can be of open design (like the photo in this article), or enclosed for weather protection. Ask your Gulftech representative about these options.

Hoppers and Drums and Silencers

Cyclone options include various options for drums and hoppers depending on the volume of material. If the material flow is heavy, a larger drum or hopper may be required. Custom width legsets and leg extensions may be required to handle additional width.