Downdraft Tables

Downdraft Tables offer an excellent method for controlling dust from hand tool processes such as buffing, grinding, cutting and polishing. Contact Gulftech today for more information on a downdraft table that meets your requirements and is compliant with safety rules and regulations for combustible dust. Downdraft table installation should be designed and installed by a professional so that worker and workplace safety are maintained.

How does a wet downdraft table work?

The dust collector  purifies the air stream by a combination of centrifugal force and violent mixing of water and contaminated air. As the air stream passes the fixed baffles, particulate is separated by heavy, turbulent curtain of water created by high velocity air. The centrifugal force caused by the rapid changes in airflow direction forces the dust particles to penetrate the water droplets and become entrapped. Contaminated water is then removed from the air stream by special mist filters. Dust, as sludge, settles to the collector bottom and the water is reused.



DTH 800, DTH 1700 & DT 3000

Features & Benefits:

  • Integral collection area and work surface: Draws contaminants away from workers’ breathing zone without hindering movement; easily moved to any location in facility.
  • Direct-Drive Blower: High static pressure, longer filter life and greater reliability; spark resistant; no belts or pulleys to replace.
  • Non-electrostatic operation: High reliability, low maintenance.
  • Ultra-Seal filter mounting: Eliminates contaminant bypass of filters.
  • Low profile cabinets: Easy access speeds filter changeout and maintenance.
  • Vibra-Pulse Filter Cleaning System: Cleans Filter 75% more effectively than reverse pulse systems.
  • Dust Drawer: Easily remove external dust drawer with positive level lock.


  • Pressure Gauge Kit: Indicates when filters require cleaning
  • Regulator
  • Silencer: Reduces noises by up to 6 dBA
  • Custom Cartridge Media: For specific applications.
  • After-Filters: 99.97% HEPA, 95%, and odor-control modules.
  • Center Divider and Side Shields: Improves collection efficiency; eliminates contaminant migration.
  • Enclosures and Lighting: Enhances work area; encourages productivity.






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