Downdraft Tables: The Safer Way to Do Your Buffing, Grinding and Polishing

The potentially explosive dust resulting from metal finishing operations is a major concern among fabricators today, not only because it is a safety hazard, but also because recent changes in NFPA regulations have toughened compliance. Downdraft Tables Are The Safer Way to Do Buffing, Grinding and Polishing.

When it comes to buffing, grinding and polishing on metal applications, downdraft tables offer an excellent method of capturing dust from the finishing process. Gulftech provides downdraft tables ranging from small portables to custom industry specific and wet downdraft tables for a whole range of industries such as aerospace, aeronautics, metal fabrication, as well as wide range of applications such as grinding, deburring, buffing on metals such as titanium, aluminum, steel, stainless steel and natural and artificial compositions. We offer superior solutions from Aerpro, Filter 1, and AirFlow Systems. Gulftech also offers expert consulting to determine your downdraft table requirements for whatever your industry needs may be.


Filter-1 Downdraft Table

Installation of BFD-10-12 Downdraft

Primary types of downdraft tables are dry-filtered and wet downdraft tables. Wet downdraft tables, which purify the air through a combination of centrifugal force and violent mixing of water and contaminated air. As the air stream passes the fixed baffles, particulate is separated by a heavy, turbulent curtain of water that is created by high-velocity air. The centrifugal force caused by the rapid changes in airflow direction forces the dust particles to penetrate the water droplets and become entrapped. Contaminated water is then removed from the airstream by special mist filters. Dust, as sludge, settles to the collector’s bottom, and the water is reused.

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Downtron DFF Downdraft Table

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Filter 1 Downtron DFF Downdraft Table

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