Dust Collection System for Prosthetic Fabricator – Composites Dust

Gulftech was asked to redesign the dust collection system for a major prosthetic fabricator. Their existing system was too small for the increased requirements, the dust pickup hoods were small and not optimized for capturing the dust thrown off. In addition, the customer was planning to increase the number of workstations.

Gulftech designed a system optimized for capturing dust from the Trautman grinders, which have a high-speed grinding spindle that throws dust rapidly across a broad area. Additionally, the grinder head may be moved by each operator to accommodate the prosthetic part they are working on. The proper capture hoods would have to have enough suction and area to capture the dust produced. Choosing the right dust collector and hoods would be key to building the right system. A system that could fit into the existing space without taking up too much space or being too loud was also a factor.

Gulftech chose a cyclone ducted to several dust capture hoods that are slotted for effective entraining of dust. The hood position is adjustable using flex duct so that the operator can move it as needed. The cyclone vacuum pressure is more than sufficient to capture the dust from the Trautman grinders even at a distance. The customer is happy with the powerful system that keeps his shop free dust.

Video of Composite dust from Trautman grinder being captured by slot hood connected to dust collector 

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