Installing Dust Collection System Helps Aerospace Company Safely Capture Hazardous Dust

GulfTech’s expert assistance in installing a dust collection system helps solve indoor air quality challenge for a major manufacturer of aviation instrumentation and avionics equipment in Clearwater, Florida.

Installation of two 4,000 CFM dust collectors with HEPA filters for capturing berrylium dust

Installation of two Industrial Maid 4,000 CFM dust collectors with HEPA after filters for capturing berrylium dust down to sub-micron particles from buffing and polishing machines.

CHALLENGE This manufacturer provides specialized equipment, sensors, and probes to major manufacturers of civil, military and business airplanes and helicopters. Buffing and polishing of beryllium metal products generate a lot of very fine, hazardous beryllium dust. When a merging of different departments resulted in additional machinery added to the plant, the customer wanted to ensure that the beryllium, which can pose a respiratory hazard, was safely captured with a robust dust collection system. The system had to be relatively compact, quiet, and capable of capturing sub-micron particles from buffing and polishing machines.

The old dust collection system consisted of a number of small, inefficient portable dust collectors, each requiring separate filter changes and various filter types as well as taking up space needed for the growth of additional production and finishing processes.

SOLUTION A Gulftech representative performed a comprehensive evaluation of the existing dust collection system and recommended the installation of dual Industrial Maid 4,000 CFM vertical dust collectors with HEPA after filters for 99.97% capture efficiency at 0.3 microns. With the HEPA filters and sound baffling on the 5HP blower enclosure these dust collectors are extremely quiet. The duct is routed above the ceiling panels for unobtrusive installation to each workstation. The addition of a Variable Frequency Drive on each machine allows the unit to be programmed for optimal performance and cost savings.

IMPACT The customer is pleased with the new central system dust collector and duct system. The hazardous beryllium dust from their finishing processes is now safely and effectively captured and collected in the system making for a safer work environment.

Gulftech installed two Industrial Made 4,000 CFM vertical dust collectors with HEPA filters to effectively capture the potentially hazardous beryllium dust.

OSHA Will Enforce Beryllium Standard Starting in May

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