Liquid and Wastewater Management System

Saving Money with On Site Solvent Recycling Systems for your Paint Thinner & Solvents

Beat the New EPA Regulations on Storage of Hazardous Waste by Recycling It – Recover up to 97%

Industries involved in repair and refurbishing of equipment such as auto body, collision repair and other manufactures in metalworking, furniture and cabinet making often produce large amounts of hazardous waste that must then be disposed of.  An Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rule on recycling and storage of hazardous waste that goes into effect in July could affect all of those industries. The rule will add new rules and requirements for companies that have been storing spent solvents on-site.

Solvent and/or paint thinner is considered the largest hazardous waste stream in auto body and collision repair and furniture manufacturing industries, however up to 97% or more of this waste can be recovered and re-used through an on-site solvent recycling system.

Save up to 95% on wastewater disposal fees with a water evaporator

The evaporator transfers wastewater from a collection tank and automatically evaporates it in the stainless steel evaporation chamber. All that remains is condensed residual slurry. Evaporators are effective at reducing or eliminating wastewater streams such as:

  • Ultra Filtration Concentration
  • Spent machine Coolant
  • Mop/Floor Scrubber Wash
  • Printing Ink Wastewater