Manufacturing | Industrial Filters

Industrial manufacturing spreads across several different trades and many procedures rely on industrial air cleaners for many particulates producing developments. An energetic air filtration system not only focuses on air quality within the facility, but also focuses on anything that is produced into the atmosphere during any manufacturing processes. A suitable industrial filtration system assistance achieves a safe and industrious workshop.

Cartridge Filters

Keep your dust collectors running efficiently and energy smart with high-quality cartridge filters from Gulftech Casiba Group. Available in an assortment of media, cartridge filters lead the industry in performance, efficiency and value. Whether innovating new filtration media, improving cartridge filter performance or designing and manufacturing specialty filters, Our company delivers the highest quality and value-based solution.

Bag Filters


HEPA Filters

Filters are engineered & constructed for providing ultra clean air to protect clean rooms, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, food industries. Tested with Automated Test Rig as per EN 1822 standards and supplied with Test certificates.


High arrestance, dense, washable/ disposable media for various general coarse filtration purpose in commercial/ residential applications.

Filter Media

Sock/Bag Filters