Mist Collectors

Engineered to perform long-term, heavy-duty industrial air cleaning, Mist Collectors eliminate smoke, mist and dust generated by a variety of applications—brazing, casting, flame cutting, drilling, grinding, milling, screw machining and more. Also, these systems are available in a variety of sizes and versatile configurations to fit your company’s needs. Heavy-duty industrial air cleaning, Mist Collectors, oil filtration, coolant Mist filtration, smoke filtration

MistBusters are available in electrostatic and media filter models.

Five Models to choose from:

  • MistBuster 500 –> 50 to 500 CFM –> Electrostatic, one cell 
  • MistBuster Media –> 50 to 500 CFM –> Media Filter 
  • MistBuster 850 –> 50 to 850 CFM –> electrostatic, two or three cells
  • MistBuster 2000 –> 50 to 1650 CFM –> Electrostatic, four or six cells 
  • MistBuster Infinity –> 50 to 1000 CFM –> Media Filter

Mistbuster Features:

  • Electrostatic models have a patented coolant selector for better compatibility with oil or water-based coolants. 
  • Electrical components are installed in a separate area of the cabinet, isolated from the air steam. 
  • The new AQE Advantage cell feature redesigned collector plates. The benefits of the new design include a significantly extended period between cell cleanings, a reduction in short circuits, and better overall performance.
  • Several MistBuster models are available to address almost any machine tool application. Electrostatic models are available with one, two, three, four, or six cells. 
  • MistBuster maybe directly mounted on the machine tool, or installed with these optional mounts: 2″ riser, machine mount stand, floor-mounted pedestal stand, ceiling or wall mounted.
  • Air Quality engineering manufactures its own filter cells, continuously improving on almost 40 years of electrostatic cell development.
  • MistBuster are an American-made product and an industry-leading mist collector for CNC machine tools.