Replacement Air Filters

Is It Time for Replacement Air Filters? Is your system slowing down?

An industrial air filter needs to be tough, as it’s called on to remove large amounts of potentially dangerous particulate from the air. GulfTech / Casiba Group carries a variety of industrial replacement air filters that can do the job.  Whether you need filters for your manufacturing facility in Miami, or your plastic fabrications company in Mobile, we can help.

We manufacture replacement shaker bag filters for our entire GulfTech / Casiba Group line of air filtration systems including the AerPro 350, SB-800, SB-1500 as well as electrostatic cells and pre-filters for our mist collector systems.

We represent a comprehensive line of replacement air filters: Panel and Cartridge filters for dust collectors, downdraft tables, paint and dust booths as well as bag filters for bag houses and filter bag systems. Replacement filters for Merv 7 all the way to Merv 17 and HEPA filters.

Liquid filtration system replacement filters.

Our inventory includes:

  • Industrial grade aluminum filters.
  • Industrial grade galvanized steel filters.
  • Industrial grade stainless steel filters.
  • Industrial washable filters.
  • Activated carbon filters.
  • HEPA-Type filters.

Examples of ASHRAE/MERV Filter Ratings:

  • 95% or MERV 14 — typically applied as the final filter in hospital HVAC systems.
  • 85% or MERV 13 — typically applied in above average commercial applications.
  • 65% or MERV 11 — applied in standard commercial buildings, such as office space.
  • 25% or MERV 6 and 7 — pleated panel filters, applied in office environments, and as pre-filters.
  • <20% or MERV 1 through 5 — typical polyester or fiberglass throwaway panels and metal washable filters.

In addition to our industrial air filter selection, we also have rigid cell filters, HEPA filters, MERV-rated filters, and more products for industrial, commercial and residential applications.

For more information on an industrial air filter for your facility, or filter products for another business or home, AerPro today. We ship your products anywhere nationwide.

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ASHRAE Standard addresses a filter’s ability to remove particles.

ASHRAE Filters

Replacement Filters for AerPro 350 Dust Collector

AERPRO 350 Filters. Click here to view on Amazon. 

Replacement cartridge filters for most brand name dust collector systems.

Replacement Cartridge Filters

Multipurpose Mesh Filters for Air and Grease