Shaker Bag Dust Collectors

SDC Series

Shaker Bag applications in Dust Collectors offer the most economical method of ensuring a long life for your filters. It is available in multiple configurations, our product offers the flexibility and versatility needed to remove harmful pollutants resulting from common manufacturing processes in both institutional and industrial applications. These shaker-style systems safely and effectively collect airborne pollutants captured at the source helping ensure the safety of employees and students while achieving OSHA and NFPA regulatory compliance for combustible or explosive dusts. Our product’s proven performance in removing up to 99% of dust by weight will keep your facility cleaner which improves product quality, reduces maintenance time and ultimately, leads to operational savings. The compact, self-contained design takes up very little floor space and reduces installation costs resulting in a convenient and economical solution. Achieve even further operational savings due to the high-frequency vibratory cleaning system that eliminates the need for costly compressed air. This system’s user-friendly, tool-free filter sealing mechanism makes routine inspections and filter change-outs quick and easy.

  • Safer Work Environment – Improves indoor air quality by removing airborne pollutants while helping to ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Energy Savings – Cleaned plant air can be recirculated to reduce exhaust and energy costs.
  • Easy Maintenance – Self-cleaning system and simple tool-free filter replacement.
  • Self-Contained System – Unit arrives with everything necessary to begin collecting dust.
  • Compact Design – Conserves valuable floor space and the unit can be located next to machinery.
  • Quiet Operation – Backward-inclined blower wheel improves operating efficiency and reduces unnecessary noise.
  • Flexible Performance – Designed to meet your exact requirements.

SDC Series Brochure

AerPro SB Series

Diagram of AERPRO SB800 Shaker Bag Dust Collector

Diagram of AERPRO SB800 Shaker Bag Dust Collector

AerPro SB – series Dust/Smoke collectors provide current technology in a compact and inexpensive solutions to in-plant dust and smoke problems. The time proven manually shaker bag filter design takes minimal floor space while giving great performance at an economical price. Unlike most other shake bag systems, the envelope filters are factory caulked and sealed, plus the internal filter support is double which allows the filter bags to use all of its available media. These filter features give better filter cake build-up and easier cake release during shaking cycle.

 How does it work? Each unit has a specially designed inlet plenum which directs the air with chips, dust, and other contaminants down and into the dust tray before turning upward and through the filter bags with the clean air discharged through a sound attenuation plenum. The blower/motor are on the clean air side for long life and ease of service.

  • Easy manual operated shaker system
  • Quick and easy removable bag/rack system
  • Flame retardant bags
  • Compact design for minimum floor space
  • High filtration efficiency which allows recycling of in-plant air, while reducing energy cost
  • Blower/Motor on the clean air side of the filter
  • Easy cleaning dust drawer
  • Color Sand Beige
  • The base unit is shipped in a wooden crate and the table top is shipped in a cardboard container. Rear clean air exhaust.

AerPro SB Series Brochure