Consulting and Design for Dust Collection Systems

Consulting and Design for Dust Collection Systems

  • 3D Duct Design and layout, design packages for turnkey systems
  • System Installations, upgrades, expansions of dust collection systems
  • Site Inspection, Troubleshooting and OSHA Compliance Assistance
  • Upgrading Systems for compliance with NFPA and OSHA
  • Service contracts to reduce costs for maintaining systems
  • OSHA Silica dust compliance
Fume Extraction System for Injection Molding facility - 3D Design Drawing
3D Design Drawing of fume extraction system for a large injection molding facility

Example: Designing a fume extraction System for Injection Molding Operation

A medical device manufacturer with a large injection molding department needed a customized fume extraction system. The three most important needs were: a system that would effectively draw fumes away from the operators, keep the facility free of fumes, and not get in the way. Gulftech worked with the client to develop a design that met these requirements. Starting with a 3D design concept drawing offered an excellent way to communicate and determine the best options.

We will build a 3D design of your system and work with you on the best solution that fits your building, your budget and your timeline! Ask about our design packages, partially refundable with purchase of a system.

Consulting for Dust Collection Systems

Many of our clients are either upgrading their facility with new equipment, or looking at ways to optimize the equipment they have. Who doesn’t like to do more with less? A majority of dust collection and air filtration systems in operation are no longer compliant with current fire and safety codes for combustible dust. Still more systems suffer from worn out components and parts that keep them from operating at the level necessary for a clean facility. We will design the dust collection system that is right for you.

Existing Equipment: A consulting visit or discussion with Gulftech assesses your existing system and reviews troubleshooting, performance analysis, and safety compliance. Based on the reason for the assessment, we will offer a report with findings and recommendations. Based on the need and complexity of repair or retrofit, Gulftech can provide the necessary parts, repairs, or upgrades. https://www.gulftech.us/dust-collection-assessment/

Dust Collector Site Troubleshooting and Assessment
Dust Collector Troubleshooting and Assessment

New Equipment: If you are upgrading a new or existing facility and need new or more capable equipment, Gulftech works with you to design a system that fits in to an existing design. We also work with architect and engineering firms to design-build new systems for a complete design package. https://www.gulftech.us/stainless-steel-dust-collection/

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