Companies Fined $112,600 in Fatal Dust Explosion

The explosion killed a 25-year-old man and injured five others in February at JCG Farms in Rockmart, GA


“It is tragic that despite wide industry awareness of these hazards, that some employers remain unaware of the common hazards of combustible dust,” said Christi Griffin, OSHA’s area director in the Atlanta-West Office. “This incident and this man’s death were preventable.”

An example of a company that allowed a buildup of combustible dust to create deadly hazard and dust explosion.

Consider the following steps for a safer workplace:

  • Facility managers should be aware of the hazards of the dust produced during their production process, by observing NFPA and OSHA standards for combustible dust
  • Document and follow housekeeping procedures to minimize the buildup of hazardous or combustible dust.
  • Implement dust collection and air filtration systems to minimize dust buildup of nuisance dust.

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Four Feared Dead after Wood Flour Mill Explosions

One person died and three others are feared dead after explosions at Wood Flour Mills near Cheshire, England Friday, July 17.

William Barks, 51, Dorothy Bailey, 62, Jason Shingler, 38, and Derek Moore, 62 are believed to have been inside the mill when the explosion ripped through the building just after 9am in the village of Bosley. The body, which was found on Sunday, had not been identified, as specialist rescue teams continue searching the site.

The four-story building was completely destroyed by the blasts. Witnesses said fire engulfed the site and shot high into the sky.

Thirty-five people were injured, with four taken to hospitals with serious injuries.

Part of the Boden Group, the plant is said to have been producing wood flour – used as a low-density filler in a range of industrial processes – since 1930.

***Plant and Facility Safety measures should include a combustible dust analysis and proper dust capture systems with appropriate safety measures, such as dust collection systems with fire suppression and explosion protection per NFPA guidelines. GulfTech Enterprises designs and installs dust collection systems that are compliant with current NFPA and OSHA regulations for fire and safety requirements.