Saving Money with On Site Solvent Recycling Systems

Saving Money with On Site Solvent Recycling Systems

Industries involved in repair and refurbishing of equipment such as auto body, collision repair and other manufactures in metalworking, furniture and cabinet making often produce large amounts of hazardous waste that must then be disposed of. An Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rule on recycling and storage of hazardous waste that goes into effect in July could affect all of those industries. The rule will add new rules and requirements for companies that have been storing spent solvents on-site.

Solvent and/or paint thinner is considered the largest hazardous waste stream in auto body and collision repair and furniture manufacturing industries, however up to 97% or more of this waste can be recovered and re-used through an on-site solvent recycling system.

Solvent and paint thinner waste is usually created during the cleaning of paint/coating spray guns using either a manual or enclosed spray gun cleaning system. An on-site solvent recycling system can save a business significant savings through reduction in waste disposal and transportation costs.

Solvent Recycler SR -30 Series, for recycling paint thinner, paint solvents

Solvent Recycler SR -30 Series

Solvent recycling systems work by distilling waste solvent/paint thinner to separate the re-usable solvent from the waste paint or coatings. An on-site recycling system such as the International Surface Technologies (IST) SR-Series product line of solvent recyclers can reduce a batch of solvent waste by up to 95%, separating the mixture into a clean, re-usable solvent and leaving a “puck” of sludge/solid waste that can be much more easily and cheaply disposed of. By removing the liquid and leaving a solid waste product, businesses can reduce regulatory requirements and future liability while saving money. The IST SR Series recycles most popular solvents, including mineral spirit, flexo & litho solvents. The SR-Series are Available in sizes 8, 16, 32 and 48 gallon with vacuum. Sizing the right recycler for your business is https://www.gulftech.us/solvent-recycling-systems/based on the amount of solvent produced per day/week.

IST and their local representatives offer a cost savings analysis of your existing process to help you determine whether a solvent recycling system is right for you. By looking at the number of weeks per year of operation, amount of solvent purchases and cost of disposal per gallon of waste, they will provide a Return on Investment Analysis. A business that invests in an SR-Series Recycler could potentially recoup their investment in as little as 4 to 12 months while enabling them to recycle all cleaning solvents, reduce solvent purchases by 90% and waste disposal cost by 95%.

Industries Served: General manufacturing – Aerospace and aviation (MRO) – Marine – Automotive – Petroleum Flexography – Lithography – Wood finishing – Power & energy – Pharmaceutical

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