Vacuum Systems


Industrial vacuum cleaners are for industries working in tough environments where demands for sturdy and reliable high performing equipment is important. Whether the situation  is in manufacturing, welding, woodworking or in chemical industries dealing with explosive or hazardous materials, consider ATEX certified industrial vacuum cleaners for capturing hazardous or combustible dust.

Mobile Dust Extractors

DC 1800 EX is suitable for general cleaning and source extraction. It is small and lightweight and a such suitable for those that need a highly portable machine that still is powerful enough for source extraction. With its low weight it is easy to carry onto the job site and it can be easily stored or rolled under a workbench. It is equipped with a steel container and a plastic bag can be used inside the container. It is equipped with a brush-less motor and is certified to IP5X standard.

DC 1800 Brochure

DC 2800 EX is suitable for vacuum cleaning and source extraction from handheld power tools and small table saws. Our product has a sturdy steel chassis with big wheels but is still light and portable. The chassis is designed in a manner that allows the unit to be led by the hose without tipping. Compared to DC 1800 EX, it has a slightly longer cyclone, which improves the suction power. The steel container is also bigger. Our product is equipped with brush-less motor and enclosed to IP5X standard.

DC 2800 Brochure