Vehicle Exhaust

Gulftech provides a handy solution for work with stationary vehicles, where the hoses are out of the way when the vehicle exhaust system is not in use. Our products are available in sizes to match and handle most types of Vehicles. Our products have a mechanical spring return. For high ceiling and cases of long and heavy hoses. A push-button or a remote control is used to roll and unroll the hose. Smooth and simple at the same time as it prevents work-related injury. The hose reels are made in powder coated steel and sheet steel.

Our standard brackets allow for ceiling, wall or floor mounting. hose dimensions are 3″, 4″, 5″ and 6″. The hose reel is available in three widths and is standard equipped with a crush proof hose. Standard length of the hose is 16″ and longer hoses are available at 8″ intervals. In addition to the length of the hose that can be rolled onto the reel, a part of the hose may also be kept hanging down. The exhaust hose reel is connected to a separate fan or a central extractor system.

  • Exhaust fume rail for work sites with moving vehicles
  • Exhaust rails for rescue vehicles
  • Spring loaded balancer extractor for work sites with stationary vehicles
  • Mechanical and motor-driven exhaust hose reel for work sites with stationary vehicles

Vehicle Exhaust Hose Reel System

FB Series Fans


Our FB Series fan represents a range of radial fans for the extraction of gases, smoke and small particles. For airflow ranging from 200 to 8000 cfm. The impeller with its curved blades is manufactured from welded sheet steel and is electro-galvanized as standard. The optional aluminum impeller has a non-sparking construction and complies with our specifications. The fans are optimized for use together with product range for local extraction in industrial environments and vehicle workshops. The operating temperature for the fan is a maximum air temperature of 176 degrees Fahrenheit and a maximum ambient temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit There are a number of accessories available for the FB range to make installation and use easier and more efficient.

Single & Dual Hose Systems

Single and dual-bay facilities often resort to opening overhead doors and running fans for relief from the annoyance of vehicle exhaust. The vehicle exhaust system collects and removes exhaust rather than just re-circulating it within the facility. The hose system can be wall-mounted to meet a variety of application requirements. Boom extensions are also available for convenient storage of hose systems when they are not in us. Boom extensions can also be used with remote blower operations. Available with 3 inch or 4.5 inch hose.