Wastewater Evaporation Systems

Our wastewater evaporation system’s patented design directs the heat through a tube that is submerged in an oil bath. Here a proprietary heat-sink medium eliminates hot spots and provides an eve heating across the bottom and around the our sides. This engineered solution creates over six times the heat transfer surface area available in the hot bottom design or immersion serpentine tube design. Our design allows the operator to intentionally run their evaporator right down to dry. This is a big benefit because it eliminates the storage effort, the hauling and disposal cost associated with a liquid concentrate. In the unit, this will be dry powder or a concentrated oil depending on the nature of your wastewater. The oil can be given to an oil reclaimer and the powder can fill in the cracks in your dumpster if its non-hazardous.

Since our product uses an external heat-sink design, there are no obstructions inside the evaporation tank. All of the surfaces are flat. The surfaces that require cleaning are easy to scrap down. The sludge can easily be scooped up, vacuumed out or removed with our Lift Out Sludge Trays. This eliminates the need to haul a liquid concentrate. Some waste-streams have contaminants that do more then just create sludge, they stick to the walls and get hard as a rock. For those applications we have developed a new high temperature plastic liner that makes clean-out easy.

Lift-out tray / Liner holder

We will start with one of our stainless lift-out sludge trays. Two trays are needed for this model; one tray becomes too heavy to lift. The trays cover the bottom of the water tank and they have a 4″ side. Then we add a framework with clips which will hold the liner above the water line in the evaporator. You will also need a stainless spreader bar to lift the trays out of the evaporator. This makes the cleaning process much easier.

Advantages of our product:

  • The even heating creates the flattest boil in the industry. As a result, translating into less foaming if soaps are present in the water.
  • The even heating eliminates hot spots, which is usually the place where corrosion starts to occur first.
  • The inside of the evaporation tank is smooth and easy to clean, no tubes in the way to make the job hard.
  • The end result is a highly efficient evaporator. This translates into lower operating costs for our customer.
  • Standard Material of Construction: 316L Wetted Parts & 304 Housing. chloride corrosion resistant alloy is available.

Standard Sizes for Wastewater Evaporators:

Case Studies 

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